From Zero to Professional Investment (IPS)!

This part of the blog is to help you to stick with your goals and help to create a customised portfolio for you.

When you come first time to wealth adviser Investment Policy Statement (IPS) needs to be prepared. To finds out more information about you and help adviser to provide products that are most suitable for your current needs. The statement is usually reviewed yearly or if your financial situation changes. So we will create one for you…

The primary goal is for you to be decisive and stick to your goals. However, also we will determine what reasonable goals are. Create IPS, and you will remove most of the stress from the investment. The result will be a gift you will make to yourself when you start investing. You will not need concern yourself with market volatility. We will try to get you to a position where your money is working for you within given boundaries, which we will create.

True, it will take some time at first. However, you do it once and later you will need just updating it. You can download a simple copy of IPS here (IPS).

At end I have also attached document form The Great Life Assurance Company. It is quite good summary document for our dicsussion and can be used for your decsion making.


What will be considering in IPS?!?


  • Return
  • Risk


  • Time
  • Liquidity
  • Tax
  • Legal
  • Unique circumstances

Additional information:

  • Target Asset Allocation
  • Diversification
  • Financial Goals
  • Any additional information which is relevant to investment decision making. Like, where you would like to invest.

Now we will go into more detail on each element to help you to learn more about yourself and potential investment portfolio, which you can construct.


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The practical way to create investment Portfolio!

Here we go my first blog, where I will be providing some useful information on how to start investing! We will touch on bonds, stocks and exchange traded products. This particular Blog will be very efficient and practical. Multiple subjects will be mentioned without expanding for now. Thought I will prepare linked blogs to expand these.

So shall we make some investment! What will we need to create our first investment portfolio?!?

Ingredient 1: Savings:

No way around it. You need to start saving. You cannot invest safely without any initial capital, even if this is just minimal. If you have any debt, you should pay it back first as debt is outflow with certainty in your life. Make sure you have sufficient cash flow after paying your debt & other expenses. When all is considered you start saving and can start allocating residual to your investment portfolio.

So how much cash flow we will need to start? Well as little as £20 pounds a month will do in the beginning. However, more you save higher your portfolio in the future as all powerful cumulative interest will kick in. Also, your transaction cost will be the lower percentage of the overall portfolio.  I would recommend saving anywhere from few hundreds (100,200 etc.) to few thousands a month.

Simple example on Cumulative interest rate:

Save £20 a month with the annual return of 5%, time period 5 years.

>>> After five-year:  Portfolio Value £1,385.79, Profit  £185.79.

Save £500 a month with the annual return of 5%, time period 5 years.

>>> After five-year: Portfolio Value £34,644.72, Profit £4,644.72.

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My name is Paul. I am a consultant in banking. Few years, ago I have started earning more money than I really needed in life. So I thought, it was time for me to make my money work for me!

Therefore, I have started to educate myself and picked up to study Charted Financial Analyst qualification. Some would say that this is the most challenging portfolio management qualification consisting of 3 level exams, which are testing everything from Ethics to Derivative. At first, there were some downturns in my investment portfolio and still remember my first stock I bought in London Stock Exchange… It was quite thrilling, and scary. I have learned a lot since then about my emotions, decision making, wider portfolio. in this blog, I will my experience and education to help you to make wiser decisions than me. At least initially :). Thus, improve your financial situation and future.

In this blog, I will be providing information sources, training materials, ideas, etc. to simplify investment decision making. Investment is definitely easier than you think. Of course, there will be some work required initially to setup everything. Trust me if you play safe, it is straightforward!!!

We will determine differences between company sizes, risk… Learn about VALUE and GROWTH stocks and everything in between.

This is not a blog, how to trade and make millions in two days, but a blog, where you can start educate yourself and become a smarter investor, save for your pension or eventually buy that dream car/house. All will be done based on logic and emotionless but constructive way! In investment objectivity is everything.

With time… I will discuss subjects:

  • 101 Investment in UK with real website and resources, which will cover all investment information needs you may have and more.
  • Behavioural Finance, will discuss some most important behavioural issues in investment. Trust me if you are going to make it, this is one of the most important subjects. On paper, everyone can make money/save for pensions, but just with the right mindset, you can do this in the real world.
  • I will look into traditional investment theories and ratios and provide further reading material.
  • Discuss Risk and Return as well as your life constraints, which will help you better understand yourself and investment capabilities.
  •  Will discuss various portfolios, you can construct with minimal cost to ensure you have right diversification.
  • Will teach Alternative investment and how your house or small company plays in your portfolio.
  • Share some content that I enjoy reading and watching about investment

Shall we start our adventure on becoming an independent investor and start saving for your future!!! Let’s becoming demystified with all fancy words the financial world is using. Everything is much simpler when you go step by step… Let me guide you.